Mr. Turtle is very smart.

Meet Mr. Turtle. I tattooed him last night and it was very fun. Also, there was a meteor shower last night!!!! So I watched it and saw a huge raccoon family and a swan family!!!!!

Wonderful Little Tattoos on Wonderful People!!!

OH DAN!!!!
Kinda ouchy back of the arm!
Stupid iPhone photo.....FUN!!!

Where Eagles Dare

So This was taken with my iphone camera..finishing this on Saturday!!!!! Will take some very fancy shots with the new camera!!!!

Fried Egg Sandwich!!!!!!

This is a delicious fried egg sandwich. I haven't stopped eating them since I did this.... so so eggy good.

Star Trek. Awesome.

New Camera!!!

I got a new camera! FINALLY!! It's really beautiful! Cannon Rebel with some letters and/or numbers beside it. Here's some test shots!